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A lot :)
11:47:27 BST
Wed, 18th Jul 2018

1 Perfection of the universe lies in the apparent perceived imperfection.

2 The cost of a persons ego should not be their life. You are reading this book, due to the intelligent behaviour of thousands of your direct-line ancestors, making the right decisions. It only takes one person to break a line, of tens of thousands of success stories.

3 Life is all about love, giving, helping and learning wisdom. God guarantees that each deed of kindness will be rewarded 10 fold, but each bad deed will be punished equally.

4 There is absolutely no value in forcing somebody to do anything. Acts of real value come from the heart and due to a persons own volition.

5 Peace, respect, stability leads to prosperity and happiness. This applies at every level, family, village, city, country or the world.

6 The most powerful security a person can really rely on, is the protection gained, by good deeds, from God. If a person really has a loving and kind heart, God will send down angels to help in time of need. Guns, weapons and fences will never give you peace and security in the long term. Why would any normal person, want to harm a kind, helpful person.

7 Do not be unhappy, because you are unhappy, but you expect to be happy, due to a comfortable life. This is a problem in the western world, where people have all the material comforts, and social connections, but still find it very difficult to feel Joy. Wake up every morning, and say to yourself, I will be happy for no reason whatsoever, and smile. After a few days you will be amazed by the change.

8 Life is suffering. The cause of suffering is desire. Reduce your desire or expectations, and be thankful for all the things God has given you, be an optimist, do not be a pessimist, worrying about the things God has not given you, and you will surely feel happier.

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