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Proof of God | Holy Scriptures
A lot :)
11:43:55 BST
Wed, 18th Jul 2018

Common Ideas
When I use the term, Holy Scriptures, I am talking about the fundamental, core principles and ideas which are common to the three, great religions of the world.

One God There is only one God.

Ever Lasting Soul Every person has a spirtual soul, in addition to their physical body, which returns to God after death.

Sins We are responsible for our actions during our lifetimes and we are answerable to God at the time of death. If we have good behaviour, then we may be admitted to Heaven, otherwise we may be thrown into Hell.

Time Line of Creation God created the Heavens and the Earth, and everything in between, including life and Mankind, in 6 days.

Satan or the Serpent God created the Garden of Eden and allowed mankind freedom within it, but were told by God not to eat from one particular tree.

Even though the common ideas or principles of the 3 main religions are similar, they are not exactly the same. Some people may attribute the commonalities to the fact that they stemmed from one source and the later formations (Christianity and Islam) heavily borrowed from their predecessors.
I would agree with this argument when it comes to Judaism and Christianity, due to the obvious fact that the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, the first 4 books, are part of the Jewish Torah, but I cannot accept this for the Muslim Koran. I would like to give one example why I think this is not correct. There are of course many, which I discuss in my book in extensive detail.
In the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, in Genesis, it is stated that God created the Heavens and the Earth in Six days, and had to rest on the seventh day. So, culturally, we have the seven day week, where the Jews rest on Saturday, and the Christians rest on Sunday.
In the Muslim Koran, God created the Heavens and the Earth in Six days, also, the common part, but a clarification is made that God felt no wariness or tiredness on the seventh day, and, God goes further in saying that if God took itís attention, off Creation, for even one second, the Universe or Cosmos would collapse.
So, by simple logic, I would like to suggest, that the message from God must have been re-revealed in the Muslim Koran, which tidied or cleaned up the edges of the common ideas or principles of the main religions.
Of course creation is an on-going process, but I believe God is talking about Creation up to the point of intelligent humans appearing on Earth. I talk about the timeline of Creation in great detail, in my book, from a scientific point of view.
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