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11:46:18 BST
Wed, 18th Jul 2018

There are 2 main, scientific theories, which exist today, that explain how our Universe was created, and itís behaviour.

The most well known theory is the Big Bang theory, whereas the other theory, which is not so well known, is the Steady State theory. The Big Bang theory is further divided into a number of sub-theories.

Big Bang Explosion.
Big Bang Theory In this theory scientists have proposed that the Universe started off as a void, empty space, nothing, and then suddenly there was an event, in which a very small, tiny volume of space started to expand, the singularity, into the vast Universe, that we can observe today, all around us.

Big Bang Oscillation Theory This is where the Universe will expand to a finite volume, and then gravity will eventually, pull or contract the Universe back into a singularity, and the process will start again, with a new Big Bang, and so on, ad-infinitum (forever).

Big Bang Linear Expansion Theory In this case, the Universe will carry on expanding forever, on the expectation that there was never enough matter in the Universe, to create sufficient Gravity to pull or contract the Universe, back into a singularity.

Steady State Theory This theory describes the Universe as being in a steady state, with ongoing, continuous processes, creating and destroying Stars and Galaxies.

The Universe had no beginning, and there is no end, it has always been here, forever.

On balance, taking into consideration the scientific irregularities and contradictions in the Big Bang Theory, this is probably the most appropriate theory to describe the Universe.

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