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A lot :)
11:47:52 BST
Wed, 18th Jul 2018

I want to give you an idea of my background, education level and life experience, so that you can appreciate that my mind was, and is being forged by scientific principles, and I can make a very serious, logical argument for the existence of God.


Navy Ship
After finishing my University degree in Computing and Micro-electronics, I started work as an Electronics Design Engineer for a defence contracting firm, who did a lot of projects for the Ministry of Defence (MoD). I designed Motherboards or Interface Cards, to translate Protocols and Signals between the main Computer System and the Computer Sub-Systems on Navy ships, which controlled the peripherals, such as the cannons and radar.


Fairchild Microchip
My second job was working for the European Research and Development Centre of a large American Microchip firm. My task, as a scientist, was to research and develop an Optimising Algorithm for the Routing of metal inter-connections of sub-assemblies, on Microchips. This picture is a small part of an actual print of an example microchip layout, which I produced, using my optimising algorithm. This is what a person would see through a microscope, the real manufactured size of this would be less than 0.1 mm.


I drifted into Commercial Database Applications in my third job, and I designed and implemented many Database applications, such as Human Resource Applications, Work-shop control and management Applications and so on. I used Oracle, Sybase, MySQL Database Management Systems. This website is one of my own designs and implementations. I have written Computer programs at every level, from Raw Micro-Code and Machine-Code (The lowest level of Computer Programming on Microchips and BIOS’s) to 4th Generation Languages (The highest level of Computer Programming, e.g. scripting languages and 3rd Generation Languages such as C++, Pascal, Java, etc…)

My greatest achievement in the Computing Field, was the design and implementation of a Database Server Process or Program, which allowed multiple incoming user connections, utilising Windows TCPIP Sockets and multi-threading. I designed the Communication Protocol which allowed very thin Client-Server environments, minimizing the network overhead. Most of the programming I had done in the past was in 1-Dimension or 2-Dimension, but this was 3-Dimension programming, due the complex nature of preventing conflicts between multiple user threads, within the same process or programme. It certainly was the most difficult to debug. I used C++ and it is still being used in firms today. It is almost on par with many of the commercial database management systems in use today, like Oracle.


Over the years I have given private tuition, in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, at up to A (Advanced) level, to students of all ages. I have always had a very strong interest in Religion, Science and Philosophy and I can say that this is really my true Calling, as a teacher of spirituality. I wanted to give a real, concrete bridge between science and religion, so I have written this set of books.


VGA Motherboard
This is the front side of a motherboard I had to design, implement and make to work. This type of circuit is used in all computers to generate the picture, the desktop with all the icons, from the computers internal memory. The common name for this type of circuit is a VGA card, or, Video Graphics Array. One of the objectives of the project was to test the capabilities of the absolute latest and most advanced ACRTC (Advanced Cathode Ray Tube Controller) microchip from Hitachi, at the time, the largest microchip you can see in the picture, and, the capabilities of the latest Inmos, High performance CMOS Colour look-up table microchip, which you can see on the top right-hand corner of the motherboard.

VGA Motherboard
This is the backside of the motherboard. You can see the hundreds of inter-connections, between the microchips. If just one of these wires or connections were incorrect, the motherboard would not work. It took me about 1 month of late-nights, analysing every signal and the synchronization of these signals, to finally make it work and write the device drivers in Machine-Code, which were used by Pascal demonstration software which I wrote. The black things are probes going to a Logic Analyser or an Oscilloscope for Digital Circuits to display the wave patterns and their synchronization.

VGA Logic Analyser
This is the Logic Analyser, which I used to debug my motherboard. It could display up to 16 channels or waveforms at the same time, so that it is possible to check the synchronization between them. In Digital Electronics, most of the waveforms are Square-Waves and almost all motherboards of this type have a clock circuit, to generate the beat, or the heart-beat, which makes things happen, or, gives life to the circuit.


My greatest achievement has to be this set of books, which has been an ongoing research project since December 2004, when I started to compile all my ideas and try to make sense and cross reference them between the Holy Scriptures and current Scientific Understanding, about the world and universe, which we live in.

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