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Proof of God | Holy Scriptures
A lot :)
4:48:50 BST
Thu, 20th Sep 2018

This is one of the greatest, most puzzling and difficult questions that people have been trying to answer for thousands of years.

How does one go about proving something or anything ? Well, it is quite straightforward. First there must be a proposition or conjecture, then to prove this, scientific evidence or logic must be used to show that the proposition is correct or true.

I am going to use the holy scriptures as my proposition, which was made thousands of years ago, and if I can show that the main ideas, that were proposed at a time when mankind was living in the dark ages, when most people believed in magic and superstition, are correct, or at least correspond with current scientific understanding, knowledge and facts, then by applying simple logic, the propositions made thousands of years ago, must have come from the creator, God, since it would have been impossible for mankind to have known those facts.

Some people may say, that the Holy Scriptures, may have been written by more advanced beings from another planet, but not God. My answer to this is very clear, in the Holy Scriptures; it is written that these are the words of God. Using a common scientific, principle, Occams Razor, which stipulates, that all things being equal, or, if there is no evidence to the contrary, like the advanced beings coming to Earth and declaring that they wrote the Holy Scriptures, then the simplest explanation is most probably the correct one. Since God specifically tells mankind, that it is God, who is giving the revelations and guidance, in the Holy Scriptures, then since there is no other more credible explanation, than it stands to reason, that it is most probably true.

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